Where the River Belice flows, and La Valle della Luna rises, a young agricultural company has been born in Partanna, in the province of Trapani: born with the idea of realising not just a wine company, but, beyond that, a project for life’s balance, with the power to help the sometimes fragile local economy, should difficulties occur.

There, the land is kissed by each morning sun, as men’s and women’s will shapes happiness with hands, feeding the Land of Dreams: their Valley of the Moon. In desire for ransom, and love for earth, our vines sink deep roots into the resolve of the valley’s people — and their ray-burnt toil which, daily, tunes to the rhythms of the vineyard, sharing joys and defeats of the natural harmony it reveres.

In 2013, La Valle della Luna began growing 30 hectares of wine-making grapes. By this year, that amount had doubled to 60, cultivating Sicily’s most prized, native, autochthonous varieties; both white grapes (Grillo, Catarratto, Grecanico), and red (Nero d’Avola); but also international varieties like Syrah.

Plant-renewal started in 2016. To respect and preserve the product’s locality-born authenticity, the natives Nerello Mascalese and Zibibbo were natural choices for inclusion as new varieties. This attended expansion of the land cultivated for Syrah production.

Despite its being only a few years old, The Valley of the Moon is already established as a distinctive attraction, that tunes life to nature. We are proud to receive many offers for the management and stewardship of land which would otherwise be abandoned.

La Valle della Luna is not only our pride, but also a very real dream.

We know the company can become an established business, and an expanded family, sewn far and wide by its philosophy: a symbol of hope for a region of profound natural wealth, yet where men and women have, in the past, only received little for their great effort.

We are sure that our strong commitment and the passion we are putting into this company will take us far, to live out our “dream”.