The farm’s 60 hectares lie in Castelvetrano, between Zangara and Seggio Marzuchi.

Zangara, with its distinctive red soil, is found near the homonym reserve: a site prized for its botanical riches, comprising various shrubs and arboreal species of the Mediterranean maquis, together with numerous ferns and tree varieties. The Zangara reserve is also home to the peregrine falcon, the monachella, the lone sparrow and the marten. Here the climate – warm and temperate – allows perfect ripening of the grapes. The vines are cultivated on trellises, via Guyot pruning, and through the sinking of their roots into clay-loam soils; ideal for bringing intense wines to life, endowing them with complex pigments and deep bouquets, as well as alcoholic power – and longevity.

The precious still of ancient olive groves, and sloping hills, frame the vineyards of Seggio Marzuchi. There, mild winters, and summers’ shimmering droughts, guarantee ample grape ripening. Steeply sloping plots force greater attention to the vines’ nurture – which is why the company’s harvesting department operates manually. The fresh fragrance – typical of sandy, clay-rich soil – accompanies delicate colours, simple structures and well fixed acidity.